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The total cost of your cruise depends primarily on the cruise line, cruise length, type of cabin, and the cost of round-trip airfare from where you live to the cruise ship. Cruisers who cruise alone have to pay a singles supplement. This page contains some guidelines that can help you estimate the total cost.


Airfare varies significantly depending on destination. U.S. destinations typically run $300 to $750 per person if you purchase the air add-on from the cruise line. Europe or Asia can be as high as $1000 to $1600 per person. The price usually includes transfers between the airport and the ship. First class and business class upgrades are usually available for an additional fee.

Cruise lines use only major carriers and do an excellent job of obtaining low cost airfare for their passengers because of the large number of seats they fill. Please note that when you purchase air from the cruise line you will not know the exact flight and airline used until about 1 month prior to departure. If you want to request a specific flight or airline or date, you can make an air deviation request. This will cost an extra $35 per person in the U.S. and $50 per person for international flights. There is no charge unless you accept the deviation offered.


Cabin Type

Cruise ships have all types of accommodations. Inside cabins are the least expensive and are in the interior of the ship and have no outside light or view. Ocean view cabins cost as little as $100 per person more and usually offer a large window with panoramic views. (We've had both types and highly recommend an ocean view cabin. It makes your vacation more special.)

This is an outside cabin on Holland America's ms Ryndam.

The next step up from an outside cabin is our favorite, a cabin with a private verandah (balcony). These cabins have large patio sliding doors that go outside to your own private verandah. The verandahs vary in size, but are always big enough to comfortably watch the scenery go by. The top-of-the-line cabins are usually called suites and can be 2 to 10 times the size of a typical cabin. They are always outside cabins and most have large private verandahs. Some have a separate bedroom, dining room and living room, even a grand piano. A cruise line wants to make sure you are comfortable, and everyone has different tastes and different budgets.

Verandah cabins are usually large and luxurious. Each has a private balcony with sliding glass doors into your cabin. You can go outside anytime you wish. This is the top rated new feature of the new generation cruise lines, and all the top new ships have a large number of cabins with verandahs. This one is on Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas

Singles Supplement

If you are traveling alone and wish to have your own cabin, most cruise lines charge a supplement that is 50% to 100% above the per person double occupancy rate. This depends on the ship. Crystal Cruises, a top-of-the-line luxury cruise line charges only a 10% supplement. A few ships have special single passenger cabins.

Total Cost Example

Here are some estimates for various cruises to give you an idea of the typical cost incurred for an oceanview cabin. An inside cabin will be a little less and verandahs more. Suites cost 2 to 5 times more but are wonderful. You will find specials on our web site for less than these rates for certain sailings and categories. If you are flexible, you can find some great bargains. all your meals and entertainment is included in the cruise price.





Cruise length




Number passengers




Cruise portion

$1000 pp

$2000 PP

$800 PP

Airfare from Dallas

$600 PP

$1300 PP

$300 PP

Total cost per person

$1600 PP

$3300 PP

$1100 PP

Total Cost




PP– per person


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