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How to read your cruise confirmations (Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Oceania)

Each cruise line does its confirmation slightly differently. The relevant information should be the pricing and payment due date, cancellation schedule, the amenities, and special services -medical or dietary needs, and payment on the reservation.

Here are some sample guest confirmations to know what to expect and make sure you aren't charged extra. If in doubt, you can always ask your travel agent to help you decipher it.

Princess Cruises (2 pages)

Onboard amenities in the PAYMENT DETAIL sections and any onboard credits are in the PRICING Details as a line item. COMMENTS will let you know of an obstructed room, gratuities, included, etc.

Royal Caribbean - 3 pages

Crown & Anchor Discounts will show under the BOOKING CHARGES section.

Onboard credits will show if you have group perks, onboard booking credits, and any promotion that offers the credits to spend. Remember these credits are to be used by the end of the cruise and there is no refunds.

Oceania Cruises

Page 1 is the pricing details; Page 2 is the payment and Cancellation schedules. The itinerary and onboard amenities will show on page 3. Page 4-6 is the terms and conditions as well as any advisement by Oceania. In a separate PDF, you should also receive the Travel Protection Plan, Shore Excursion details, La Reserve, and Visa Information.

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