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Episode 04: America, the Beautiful

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies For amber waves of grain For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain

Can you imagine being on the American rivers during the times of Mark Twain or during Lewis & Clarke's Expedition to the West? American Queen Voyages bring all those stories to life with the unique paddleboats and the American traditional cuisine we have come to love. They have set themselves to be the leader in American Rivers from the Columbia to the Great Lakes and don't forget the Southern charms of the Upper and Lower Mississippi Rivers. Recently, American Queen Voyages just added rugged Alaska as well as Yucatan Peninsula as well. Come and join the fun adventures right in your backyard!

The all-inclusive journey includes:

  • 1-night pre-cruise stay with free Covid-19 testing

  • ground-transfers between the ships & hotel

  • Unlimited Guided Tours

  • Unlimited Beverages

  • Open Bars & Lounges

  • Unlimited WiFi

  • Hiking Sticks

  • Live Entertainment & Enrichment

Popular Itineraries Includes

  • 8-day Lower Mississippi River- New Orleans to Memphis. Fares from $2399 per person

  • 8-day Ohio River- St. Paul to Minneapolis. Fares from $2399 per person

  • 9-day Columbia & Snake River- Spokane to Portland. Fares from $3399 per person

  • 11-day Great Lakes- Chicago to Toronto. Fares from $4699 per person

Best Time to travel

I think the best time to travel in America is during Spring and Fall when the weather is not too hot nor too cold.

Best Location on the Ship

The recommended locations on these paddlewheels are front to middle of the ship with a balcony to enjoy the fantastic views. You do not want to towards the back for the noisy engine room especially if you are a light sleeper.

Health Requirements as of 3/3/2022

COVID-19 vaccination is required for all guests and crew for all sailings. Vaccination documentation will be requested and must be provided prior to boarding.

Effective March 19, 2022:

  • Guests will check-in at the pre-cruise hotel on the day prior to embarkation and complete a health questionnaire. At this time, all guests must participate in a free COVID-19 test (Antigen).

  • Guests may also provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test by an accredited third-party with results from within two days of embarkation.

More Details on SafeCruise

Cruise Documentation as 3/3/2022

US Citizens will show proof of REAL ID driver's license (government-issued photo identification) or US Passports for documentation before cruise documents are released after final payment is made.

To Pre-Register for your cruise, click here.

Shore Excursions

American Queen Voyages include hop-on-hop-off buses tours or enjoy the offered premium excursions. These must be booked in advance and some tours have limited availability. Click here to book or we can reserve it for you as well.

For more information on the ships and itineraries, please check out


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