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Duffle Bag

Travel Like a Pro: 5 Packing Tips

Marie-Kondo'd your way to traveling like a frequent flier.

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Cruise Documentation

Here are the recommended basic cruise documents for your cruise.

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Distinctive Voyages

If you enjoy having unique and exciting experiences, our Distinctive Voyages makes it easier to decide.

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Viking TV

Since the pandemic started, some of the cruise lines have introduced podcasts or YouTube Videos to stay engaged with the world of travel.  

Programming features different topics each week.  Viking TV Livestream starts 11AM PST.

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Choosing a Cruise Line

Each cruise line targets a specific type of passenger with a certain travel style.  Depending on what you expect on a cruise line, this will vary. 

If your way of relaxing is being on a smaller size ship that has exquisite food, and a great fitness center, then you would be looking at a premium to luxury lines.  If you want to enjoy an amusement park with everything there is to see on a ship, then the larger cruise lines would fit the bill.  

Let's say you love the nightlife- dancing and partying but you also want to be able to relax as well in your spacious room.  This would mean prioritizing a large ship like Royal Caribbean for the nightlife and a suite for the large room with butler service.  Mixing and matching is another way to find the balance between your travel style and budget.