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Celebrity Flights By Celebrity

Once you have purchased your Celebrity cruise, the next thing to think about would be flights. Do you want to see the embarkation city a bit more or stay after the cruise? When you are booking your flights with Celebrity, take into consideration of missing your cruise if you do a red-eye or one-night before. With so many cancellations due to airline staff or just a reduction of flights, it is recommended that you fly in early, so you do not miss your flight.

While Celebrity does offer protection to get you on time for your cruise, it may be 3-days into your cruise because of unforeseen cancellation by the airlines as this is the only option. Flights during the morning will be less likely to cancel and have higher chances of making your cruise on time. Also, if you arrive early, you can check for earlier flights to switch in case of delays.

Price Protection also means that you can reserve your flights as soon as they are out, but do not have to pay until the final payment. This gives you the best pricing and schedule without paying it ahead of time. In the meantime, monitor your flights on Google Flights if there is a better schedule. There are some circumstances flight times changes, but it should be minimal.


  • Add your frequent flyers number into your record locator to receive your points.

  • Download the airline's app for gate/ terminal/ delays.

  • Give yourself a backup plan such as hotel options, an alternative flight, or drive/take the train to another city.

  • Use the WhatsApp message or phone for international travel.

  • Best Number to use to book your flights/ emergencies: 1-800-533-7803

Contacting the airline via phone or Twitter

  • Alaska: 1-800-252-7522, @AlaskaAir

  • American: 1-800-433-7300, @AmericanAir

  • British Airways: 1800-247-9297, @british_airways

  • Delta: 1-800-221-1212, @Delta

  • United: 1-800-864-8331, @united

Safe Travels

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