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E-Docs vs Boarding Pass

E-Documents or E-Docs are issued typically 30-days prior to sailing to let you know the summary of your cruise if you have done your online check-in. You can view this on your account on the cruise line's website or on the cruise line's App.

Boarding passes are issued much closer to sailing about 7-days and a barcode is present for the cruise representative to scan at the pier to check you in. You can go online to print the boarding pass or will be on your App as well.

Keep in mind that E-Docs and boarding passes will not issue if you do not have your pre-registration done.

TRAVEL TIP: Due to the current flight cancellations and staff shortages, plan an alternate plan to include possible hotel stays, E-Reader to keep boredom at bay, and some snacks. The insurance company also has a 24-hour emergency travel concierge to help you especially if you are having trouble with your lost passports. Flights in the morning will reduce your chances of being delayed and always sign up for flight notifications.

For Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises the E-Docs would include:

  • Health Acknowledgement for Covid-19

  • Cruise Summary

  • Travel Summary & Day of Travel Concern Phone numbers

  • Travel Documents

  • NextCruise / Book Now or Later Information

  • Port Directions

  • Things to Know

  • Cruise/ Cruisetour Ticket Contract

  • Transfers

  • Hotels

  • Luggage Tags to print

I would review the E-Docs but recommend printing the Cruise Summary page, Travel Summary, Transfers, Hotels, and Luggage Tags for each luggage you plan to bring. Don't forget the Boarding Pass with the barcode!

For Royal Caribbean Online Access, you can go to

For Celebrity Cruises Online Access, you can go to

For Holland America, the Edocs would include:

  • Welcome

  • Boarding Pass with Barcode on the bottom left

  • Health & Safety

  • Safety & Emergency

  • Arrive Information

  • Your Itinerary

  • Cancellation & Protection Plan

  • Shipboard Life

For Online Access: Go to, click on "Already Booked" tab and click Check-In. If you do not have account, you can access with a booking number.

Once you are logged in with your Booking Number on Holland America's website, you would have access to the Boarding Pass & Luggage Tags.

I would review the E-Docs but recommend printing the Boarding Pass, Transfers, and Hotels. Luggage Tags for each luggage you plan to bring.

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