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Just 10 more minutes...

On a cruise, dearest hubby seems to sleep better. It may be the rocking motion back and forth or it could be the bedding that is used. What sets it apart from the bed we sleep in at home? Is it the thread count, the materials used to make it, or just simply the whole idea of sleeping somewhere you are pampered?

I could be the combination of things. When you are on a cruise everything is just about taken care of for you -from your meals to your daily activities. The break in the monotony of daily routine helps us reset when we are on a cruise. After a long day, you are bound to be tired and then sleep better. I wager if you did the same thing at home, sleep would come naturally.

If it is the bedding, you can purchase a bedding set so you can feel like you are on the ship again from different cruise lines.

Or you can find your favorite hotel and see what bedding collection they have.

Tips from the Experts to get a good night's sleep

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