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Episode 02: Tea Time Somewhere

Teatime brings me to a couple of things in mind: Dim Sum and Afternoon Tea on a cruise ship. Each with a story that comes along with it. With Dim Sum, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and having dumplings or noodles with jasmine tea with out-of-town friends or family was an integral part of the Chinese community. After Dim Sum, my dad would show them around town and then meet up with some old friends back in the day. They would drink tea and revel in the "olden days back in China or Vietnam." As kids, we'd learn about our newfound"cousins" if they were around our age and would play until it was time for dinner. This happened a lot as a child and we had lots of dad's friends stopping by for tea and hanging out.

My first experience of Afternoon Tea with cucumber sandwiches and scones was not a meal. It was a light snack and what I was expecting. But it was an enjoyable experience to drink American tea and eat some scones on the Sun Princess to Alaska back when she was just a few years old. Waiters in their butler outfit and white gloves gave us the royal treatment. I got see chat with some ladies about their day or trip so far while basking in the sun.

But what makes the whole tea-time experience different when you are on a cruise? Is it the sandwiches or scones or little bites? Or is it just lounging around with newfound friends and enjoying conversation? Either way, it is an experience to enjoy with your spouse or just by yourself.

Tea is part of our circulation of beverages- wine, water, soda, beer, etc. But the experience is different when you drink soda or beer or even wine. The complex flavors of the tea and calmness it brings. So bring on Teatime to enjoy for all.

Re-creating an experience at home while you wait to go on another cruise. Perfect Afternoon Tea with Nicholas Fairford via YouTube Cunard- longest standing tradition on the high seas with Afternoon tea- with English scone recipes Afternoon Tea Sandwich Recipes via Pinterest The history of Tea- Shunan Teng via TED Ed

Favorite Teas around the world

Chai from India Green Tea from China Matcha from Japan Earl Grey from the United Kingdom

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