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Episode 09: Fairy Godmothers

Not only does Cinderella get a godmother, but cruise ships also get them too! Recently Katy Perry, singer and American Idol Judge, just got named godmother Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ship Norwegian Prima and the christening will happen in the unusual place Reykjavik, Iceland on August 27, 2022. As godmother to a ship, Katy Perry not only performs on the ship for the start the launch of the new ship, she will be able to sail the ship for free. Lucky ship!

“My most favorite way to vacation with my family is on the water. Every morning that you wake up, you get to experience an incredible new view,” said Katy Perry. "I love that I get to christen her with my good vibrations, and I’m so excited for this new, beautiful, high-end, high-tech ship to take the seas, and provide once-in-a-lifetime vacations for so many families.”


This naval tradition for new ships to be christened dates back to thousands of years in many cultures to bring good luck and protect the crew for the sea travels. Today's christening involves a champagne bottle over the bow and ship is launched but the first christening involved a sheep and then feasting afterward. If the bottle fails to break, it's considered back luck.

The official first cruise ship was Holland America Rotterdam on June 6, 1872, and was christened by the wife of the first captain, Captain Hus for her maiden voyage from Rotterdam to New York. The Trans-Atlantic crossing took 14 days and 6 hours to cross. There is no mention of the champagne breaking as the ship suffered weather damage in 1879 and finally sank in 1883 due to running ashore on the Zeehondenbank on her 65th voyage between Rotterdam and New York. All 56 passengers survived and were rescued by a fishing vessel.

As many of the cruise ships are christened by women, there are however ships that are christened by men or groups.

  • Norwegian Escape- Pitbull

  • Norwegian Bliss- Elvis Duran

  • Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas- New York Police Department

  • Emerald Princess - Happy Days and The Brady Bunch

  • Norwegian Breakaway - Radio City's Music Hall's Rockettes

  • Norwegian Getaway - Miami Dolphins

On the Celebrity Edge October 2018 cruise, I got to meet her godmother, Malala Yousafzai, and she was just as humble and inspirational as anyone can expect. The inaugural cruise was graced with many celebrations on board such as a guest singer, Andra Day singing her hit, Rise. The song was a tribute for each of us rising to meet each challenge without reservation. Such a powerful song to celebrate the hardship Malala faced. Even Captain Kate McCue, my favorite captain by far was in attendance taking over the ship from her predecessor. She now is the captain of Celebrity Beyond.

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