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Episode 06: London's High Society

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Lady Whistledown has surely gotten London's High Society into a frenzy for the Netflix: Bridgerton Season 2 (March 25, 2022). Besides the steamy scenes, the strong women characters (Penelope, Kate, Eloise, Lady Danbury to name a few), the witty banter between characters are amusing, but most of all the family dynamics between the Bridgerton vs the Featherington are my favorite parts of the show. And the British accent doesn't dull the senses. So yes, we are waiting anxiously for Lady Whistledown's post regarding the ton, especially the Black Mallet which Kate has sneakily gotten.


You can stay at a hotel like the Featherington or whoever did finally inherit the Featherington Estate in the show? The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath, a 5-star hotel - This hotel has such a gorgeous garden to enjoy an Afternoon tea after the luxurious treatment in the spa.


Pall-mall- lawn game played in the 16th & 17th century, similar to modern-day croquet. After hoops or wickets are setup, you would hit balls through the wicket in order. You can get a croquet set but will it have to have the black mallet or Anthony Bridgerton's lucky mallet or the "Mallet of Death".


The music from Bridgerton Season 1 was spectacular blending today's music from Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams to Billie Eilish- Bad Guy and making them classical.

You can listen the full list on Spotify: Bridgerton: Official Playlist

When Season 2 comes out, what music can we expect from the show? More pop or will it bring more genre in just like the cast?

Dearest Gentle Reader

Why does the bee show up in certain parts of the show?

Who inherits Featherington Estate?

Will Eloise be able to unmask Lady Whistledown?

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